Little Wonders

Finalist in the 'Dream Big 2013' competition

People passed, each one so different from the last, but none so different they stood out. Some walked in groups, others alone. She examined each person as they went by, smiling to herself. Something wet hit her face. She looked up at the sky and was hit several more times, but she didn’t mind. The entire sky was a perfect light grey making a beautiful contrast with the tall red brick building. She was so caught up in the sky that she didn’t realize her random halt in the middle of the sidewalk had caused quite the build-up of impatient people. A few let out a ‘tsk’ and this made her laugh a little. She quickly rummaged through her bag to get her umbrella and walked on, no faster than necessary.
A man who was stuck behind her was now by her side, he still looked very annoyed. She laughed slightly and with a small smile said, “Pretty small sidewalk, hey?” He rolled his eyes, let out an impatient sigh and walked fast to completely over take her. She laughed again, thinking of just how strange it is that some people are so easily affected. She continued her walk through the big city, feeling small but not insignificant.
A man with a small child appeared next to her. The child seemed to look quite curious about the strange happy girl with the umbrella. She smiled at the child and the child smiled back. She nodded at the man before continuing her walk. The quiet pitter patter of the rain against the plastic umbrella comforted her as she passed more and more faces, each bearing a different emotion. Her eyes locked with somebody else’s and she smiled. He screwed up his nose and walked on. She laughed to herself again. It was a strange reaction to such a situation but she couldn’t help but to be amused with the fact some people choose to be so bitter.
She arrived at her train station. The timetable read that her train would leave in 20 minutes. Most people would huff and puff at the wait, but not this girl. The minutes passed by like hours but she didn’t mind. She paced up and down the platform, syncing her steps with the beat of her slow music. A few people gave her a look of confusion as she lip synced dramatically to the songs. It made her laugh loudly. A gush of wind hit her as the train pulled up, causing her to stop the slight dancing she was doing and get on the train. She looked around curiously for the perfect seat to bring her to the end of her day.
Yes, she was definitely not like others, quite the strange one some would say. But, really she was just a girl, so easily amused by the wonders of life. And though she wasn’t very much liked, she liked herself and that’s all that mattered.


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