The Little Droplet

Excellence In Writing Award in the 'Dream Big 2013' competition

As the dark grey clouds roll in,
They’re as dark as the darkest ash in a fire pit,
The sky threating to rain then finally it does,
It starts lightly at first and gets heavier and heavier.

Imagine you are the first droplet of water that fell to the ground,
The first droplet to make a splash as it made contact with the ground,
Then more join, you and your friends make a puddle,
A great big puddle of friendship that you may have forever.

As you connect with other puddles your friends grow and you form a stream,
And that stream is a stream of friendship,
Then it rains and more people join you and you form a lake,
For a while I began to become hotter and the lake evaporated.

The end of your journey,
The end of your junior school journey,
You’ll start again in a few months’ time,
This journey will go on a bit longer and you will form an ocean.


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