Sunsteel The Warrior

Excellence In Writing Award in the 'Dream Big 2013' competition

Sunsteel was wearing his best weapon and his raggedy cloak on his way to Castle Darkness to fight the dragon. The castle was ahead of him now, it was big, black, cold and guarded by Dragonknights. The Dragonknights shot arrows at him from the towers. He raised his shield and the arrows bounced off. He ignored them and ran down the castle’s tunnel.
He ran through the tunnel towards the dragon, who opened his mouth and breathed ice like a blizzard. Sunsteel slid under the ice breath on his knees. He got up and looked back to see that the door was blocked with ice. Sunsteel had no choice! He had to fight!
The dragon broke Sunsteel’s sword with a whip of its tail then it roared ice into the warrior’s face! He flew back and landed next to a shard of his broken weapon. The dragon charged at Sunsteel so he swung his mace and smashed him in the face! The dragon’s head turned, still breathing ice and he froze himself. Sunsteel shattered the ice and the dragon howled in pain.
“I will have my revenge!” the dragon yelled as he knocked Sunsteel flat with his claw.
Sunsteel was in trouble, he had no weapon and he was trapped! Suddenly, he saw the shard of his broken sword on the ground next to him. He grabbed it and stabbed the dragon in the toe.
The dragon screamed and let go. He ran and jumped into the air, flying away. The dragon roared ”I will return!”
Sunsteel said “I’ll be ready.”
He heard the cheering of the town and when he got back, he was a hero.


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