Wild The Dragonslayer

Excellence In Writing Award in the 'Dream Big 2013' competition

Wild was walking through the cold, creepy and snowy mountains. He had to kill the creature that was killing the farmers’ sheep.
A blizzard roared in and Wild wondered if he would survive. He saw a cave and went to take shelter. Suddenly a dragon’s head appeared and roared at Wild. Wild tried to steal the dragon’s energy with his enchanted armour, but the dragon had an amulet to shield himself.
Wild drew his dragonfang sword and charged at the dragon, but the dragon knocked the sword aside into the rocky cave wall. The rocks smashed and flew into the air. The dragon caught a rock so it could throw the pieces at Wild. Wild used all his skill to slice the rocks into dust but while he was distracted the dragon electrocuted him with his lightning breath.
Wild had to fight to get up. The dragon leapt on him, he raised his sword and the electricity in his body shot out into the dragon. The dragon was shocked, but it was too strong. Wild tried to smash the roof of the cave to trap the beast, but it dodged out of the way.
Wild stabbed his dragonfang sword into the monster and pushed him off the ground. The dragon screamed and screamed before Wild threw him down into a bottomless pit. They never saw it again.
Wild came back to tell the farmers that their sheep were safe and they had a great party.


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