Flameheart The Mage

Excellence In Writing Award in the 'Dream Big 2013' competition

Flameheart stood at the opening of the dark dragon’s cave, ready to fight. Smoke poured out of the cave and made her eyes water. She heard the minions of the dark dragon all around her, so she whispered to her staff, “I will defeat my enemies with wind!”
She span her staff and a tornado formed and blew them away. Suddenly she sensed an evil presence. Above the entrance of the cave she saw the dark dragon crouching over her. He glared at her with his one good eye. He was large, black and smooth with huge shiny wings.
The dark dragon laughed deep and loud, “You might have defeated my minions but you will NOT defeat me!”
Flameheart whispered, “Defeat him with the power of earth!” She smashed the ground with her staff and jagged rocks shot out of the ground into the sky. The dragon flapped his powerful wings and flew over the rocks to the trees.
Flameheart climbed on her staff and whispered, “Fly with the power of fire!” Fire shot out of the back of the staff and she flew at the dragon like a missile.
The dark dragon chopped a tree down with his claws and swung it at Flameheart, bashing her out of the air and breaking her staff! Flameheart fell to the ground and the dark dragon grabbed her with his sharp claws.
"Now you will be one of my slaves!” laughed the dragon.
“That’s what you think!” she answered as she grabbed the magic crystal from her broken staff.
The dragon looked scared and Flameheart whispered “Defeat him with the power of ice!”
The dark dragon froze solid! Flameheart was still trapped by the frozen claws. “Oh great, now how am I going to get out of here?” she said to herself.


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