The Fire King

Excellence In Writing Award in the 'Dream Big 2013' competition

The crackle of the burning campfire is robust and overpowering. It's a Fire King in a ruthless battle. He is such a fearless, terrifying person to fear. The rage of him consuming the burnt firewood! Sparks of his orange and blue cape shine brightly but deadly.
Lung bursting smoke is his cold misty horse and sharpened sword. The Fire King is evil with miniature but gruesome eyes. He kills like an aggressive beast, and tears the skin like a lion. And if this is not enough to terrorize you, he even shocks and dazzles someone who dares near!
Bitter is him, the raging flame, as he licks and tastes the air, ready to revenge at any secondary moment, by burning down the innocent forest.
But alas! victory is not. For the Prince of the Wind swoops past like an eagle. He is muscular and very determined to battle bravely. War begins with loud clashing swords and clenched teeth. But neither is ready to give up, for that is considered cowardly.
Suddenly the Prince of the Wind seizes the Fire King's sword. With triumphant air the prince pounces over the Fire King. Seeing his only chance, the prince raises his sword and plunges it in the very depth of the king's heart.
An uproar fills the forest, then a strike of lightning fills the air. All that is left of the bitter king is burnt grass and blackened fire wood.


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