A Beautiful Day

It was a beautiful sunny day, Margret Monvae was walking around the wonderful town she lived in. She passed a man on the street, he was sitting on a dirty rug, he had a old walking stick, and black glasses, he was blind.
"Hello sir" Margret introduced herself learning that the man's name was Rodger. A sign sat next to him 'please money for food and drink' it was written in a messy smudge. The man had a cup, next to the sign, empty. Margret put all the change she had in the tin cup.
"Thank you" Rodger said, looking in the opposite direction. Margret's dark blonde hair shook as she kept back tears. She looked upon the smudged sign, she got out her handkerchief and wiped the smudgy writing away.
"What are you doing?" Rodger asked patiently, looking up in her direction.
"Something that will help you." Margret replied, placing the neater sign next to him. As the busy day moved on, more people started to notice the blind man. People walking by dropped their coins, into the tin cup, a few even placed notes of money.
At the end of the day, Rodger put his hand out, to check if he had gotten any money, for his dinner.
"My lord" he whispered as he felt the amount of money under his fingertips. Margret was walking home, from her long walk, when she saw Rodger almost in tears. She walked up to him confidently.
"Hello Rodger, it's me Margret" She answered his brief stare of confusion.
"Thank you Margret" Rodger said, almost choking on his tears of happiness. He lifted his dark glasses off his face, revealing his damaged eyes. "I shall never see what you did, but I shall forever be grateful." Roger thanked.
"Your welcome, I hope to see you someday again" Margret welcomed.
"And I would love to hear you again" Rodger added. Margret walked home that day feeling good. She would never forget the words she wrote on that sign. 'It's a beautiful day but I cant see it'


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