Baby Mansion

Hey Oliver, any new missions to go on yes says Oliver to my surprise ok what it is it
Well you know all those babies going missing yes I say well you know that mansion down the street yes I say for the last time I hope well we had a few agents go and have a look in there and all they could find was baby toys that were all fresh they had no dust on them and all of them clam that they heard a baby crying upstairs and discovered a hole hep of cots and dummies the also found fresh vomit and the beds or cots whatever you call them they all looked like they had been used very recently, so are you game to go and check it out because all of the other agents are too scared to go said Oliver ok I say well says Oliver your twin is going to have to go with you ok I say my twin sis lily is the beast spy buddy agent there is (well to me anyway) pulse she love`s babies so I go to the place where my twin sis is always at ( well at the agency ) the game room !!!!!!!!!! She loves that room don’t ask me why because I seriously don’t know.
I have found lily she is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy to be going on a mission and very happy it had something to do with babies. So we are all packed to go on the mission and then my sis says I need to go to the toilet ,so right now I`m waiting for my twin to get off the toilet then I here her yell Rose are you still there , my name is Rose by the way if you did not know that ,yes I yell well my butt is stuck in the toilet I cough to hide a giggle then I say how I’m I supposed to help well says lily you could come pull me out fine I say

So I have finally pulled lily out of the toilet but that was like five minutes ago now we are in a limo I wish, joking where in my mums car that how we always get to the place where our missions are, me and lily can see the mansion it looked really big and really scary clam down I say to my self. Ok so we are in the mansion it is so scary but I’m not showing it all of the sudden I hear a crying sound come on I say to lily but she`s frozen on the spot then she lifts up her arm then I see them two baby`s in a double pram I run over to them lily follows then I scream one of the baby`s look like its about to die lily I say get the first aid kit lily reaches into her bag very quickly she pulls out a breather I put it to the baby`s mouth . ok now me and the baby are going back to our normal colour we have saved the baby says lily yes I say they look like twins I say we better take them because I don’t like the feeling this house gives me neither do I says lily plus I think that one need care I think that we should give them a bottle because they look hungry ok I say I get the one with the red hair you get the one with the urban ok says lily we sit down on the ground when I notice that a little girl around the age of four is looking at me then I remember I have seen this girl in the news paper she was the little girl that went missing a couple of weeks ago I get up and tell lily that I’m going to go and look around the corner ok says lily I go and look around the corner and see the little girl come with me I say in a gentle voice she steps forwards come on I`ll keep you safe I say then she runs forwards I grab her into a huge pick she up and carry back to lily then when she finally camas down lily asks if she is ok she ok then she says her name is Sarah then all of the sudden Sarah burst into tears saying that she misses her family its all right lily and I say together no says Sarah he will not let us out once you’re in you can’t get out but says lily the other agents got out hold one didn`t Oliver say that the other agents were too scared to come back yes I say do you know why lily asks no I don’t I didn’t ask why because they pourable saw him says Sarah who is him says lily but then I saddling know where he is hiding with all the kid he has stolen ......