The Grass In The Meadow

Finalist in the 'Dream Big 2013' competition

The grass in the meadow is green, they say,
The clouds in the blue sky white.
Grey boulders sit on the ribbon of beach,
Bats cast a black shadow in the night.
The child is too young to know, they say,
To know what is false, what is true.
The grass in the meadow is green, you know,
And the grass will never be blue.
But he points to the sky and says 'Orange',
He looks at the leaves and says 'Grey'.
This heretic cannot be tolerated;
The boy is locked up far away.
Maybe in a different time, or world,
Perhaps the boy could be set free.
But for now shunned, alone and afraid,
He cries softly within you and me.


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