someone who is always there! in tough times and saddened days they are always there to care, to let you know that things will be okay, to pick you up and dust you off when you fall. Like a moth to a flame this friendship will last for a lifetime. Spinning and spinning the world goes but when i am next to you the world stops and all is at peace! never chasing the path to fight, always being the one to break the ice and laugh. A cat chasing a mice, we take our turns at chasing because that is what good friends do they take turns in the front seat and the other one holds onto the back door and holds on tight. Sometimes its both of us in the car ad we are at the same pace, just like a shoe to a shoe lace, we need each other to work. Even if you are being mean or cruel those things never happen because i know that you are not a jerk with your big wide smirk we get over it quickly and start to laugh in a craze, suddenly we are as one again not lost in a maze but together in a faze. With our fads and troubled ideas we have nothing but our own imagination, we walk into a world where nothing is clear only our hopes and dreams which will suddenly appear. singing and dancing round and round , jumping on the trampoline hand in hand! listening to our favorite band. playing with rubber teacups and cutlery in our separate kitchens the walls are drowned with laughter. we race to each other and everything is good! when we are body surfing at the beach and making sand castles by the waves, running with an untamed dog on a leash we try and try to run faster on our short legs, while our mums are hanging the washing with the pegs, remembering all of the good times when our favorite color was pink, remember we used to think that the world was anything we wanted-it to be and just by a blink there was a twister, in a seconds that goes by we rush through the bush in our rugged leather gumboots faster and faster we go soon we find our self's with a blister. it was worth it the times when i look back. shampooing my mums bed with bucket loads of shampoo looking at her face as it went red we were just kids we burs-ted out laughing. smiling and giggling. When i moved away the fun and games started to fade it was a distant memory , then you started to visit with your family a big road trip but you didn't care, when we met for the first time in weeks it was silent in 1 minute it was noisy laughter and giggling so much to chat you even bought a cat! staying up all night telling scary stories and braiding and platting each others hair. after a few times you stopped visiting no more fishing trips or family fish and chips in the park.Your photos are the ones i most treasure and keep close to my heart, when i look at them i am swept up in happiness. we started calling each other and mailing it was nice then it was distance! we got cut off it wasn't our friendship just the being apart thing, you where my sister you still are in my heart and in my mind, you where my true friend my best friend and my soul sister, no one quite ever like you a kindred spirit, hopefully we will meet again, our personalities where a match so much i kiss the way we where bonded, IL miss you so ever fondly. no friend has ever been as good or i have ever seen a friend as i should some have past and gone stayed for too long then they should have but it wasn't meant to be, i was the happiest i ever was,
when it was just you and me...

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