A Bad Day To Go Surfing

There was Josh, Andrew, Henry, and Joseph. They were surfing.
“Have you found a big wave yet?”
“Yep! And it’s right in front of us!” SWOOSH! Down came Joseph, Andrew and Josh. But Henry got on the wave.
“You should’ve been on that wave! I’ve never had that much adrenaline!” said Henry.
“Hey, where’s Andrew?” said Josh, scared.
“Where IS he? Because I found his surfboard.” Everyone started trembling. Until, “AAAHHHHH!”
“There goes Henry. I have this peculiar feeling that it’s my turn to FALL!” said Josh, scared to death.
“WOOAAHH!!!” yelled Joseph.
They were all, suddenly in a big dark room.
“I do NOT like this at all!!” said Josh.
“You should be glad you are with Joseph, Henry, which is me, by the way we found Andrew.” said Henry, bored.
“WHAT??? I mean phew, I’m NOT alone.”
“I’m glad I went for a walk last night with my flashlight and forgot to put it back because I was so tired I just had to go to bed with it, not putting it away!”
Click! On went the flashlight! Everyone was shocked to see how mossy it was.
“Okay I think we’ll be sleeping here tonight,” said Andrew. That night, while everyone was sleeping, SLAM! BANG! CRACK!
WHACK!!! Everyone trembled as this went on for a minute. Until, “Oh sorry for waking you guys, I just fell down some staircases, hey, let’s look down them,” said Henry. After going down some staircases, they looked as they were about to faint because of how long the corridor was. “OUCH! I slipped on some OIL???” said Andrew. They also were shocked to see a - “CAR??? Let’s test it! We may even get it to smash our way out!” Joseph said. CREAK BANG SLAM! The car broke down. “Ugh. We didn’t find ANYTHING to break our way out,” said Josh.
“I did find a sledgehammer, we can break our way out! *yawn* tomorrow, I’ll get down on the ground and do some pushups and other exercises to get strong for escaping,” exclaimed Henry, glad.
The next day, creak! Screech! “What’s that swish swoosh noise and the creak noise?”
“It’s the waves and where we are now is old. The stone is going to get softer and eventually break. If the wind makes the waves bigger any second they could break a crack in a wall too.” CRACK!
“And it just did break a crack in the wall!”
“Josh! Lend me the hammer!”
“Here you go, Henry! I’m just glad you are REALLY strong, I don’t know if we’ll make it though, this IS the most scary problem I’ve been in…” said Josh freaking out.
“It’s now or never! Have any last words if it doesn’t work?”
“I just hope it DOES work.” said Andrew, scared.
“Any else? Okay. Here goes in three…”
“Please work! Please!” said Joseph.
“I hope this works!” said Josh.


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