The Moon

Excellence In Writing Award in the 'Dream Big 2013' competition

O ethereal orb, you hang in a web of blue,
Float above our forsaken world, fair and true.
Taunt us with your secrets, mysteries and lies
When daylight hails, you don disguise.
Peppered with craters, seasoned with dust,
Littered with spacecraft alone on the crust.
White as snow, black as death;
Where travellers dare not take a breath.
Cold, but iceless. A globe in oblivion;
A white light suspended in endless obsidian.
From here on Earth we witness display
Of reflected light that hides at day.
Of gibbous moons that wax and wane,
Of full moon glows to turn insane.
Luna! you beam at night with gleaming shine.
Inspire feeling in this heart of mine.


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