Natural Disaters

A funnel of wind touches down,
Nothing can be done.
Houses torn apart,
While people watch from a distance.
The funnel finally leaves,
A country in ruin.

As the rain pours down,
The rivers rapidly rise.
The banks break,
The land is disappearing.
People run to higher ground,
The water rises like a storm on the horizon.

As a circular fluid motion,
Rotates towards land.
People prepare their houses,
For the worst.
Powerful winds like a whip,
Start tearing apart the town.

As the hot wild flames,
Move throughout the bush.
Homes burnt black
Like the midnight sky
Ashes float down,
The fire isn’t stopping.

The water runs out,
From all the facilities.
It hasn’t rained in days,
To fill the dams.
The cattle are bone,
Their lives to be shortened.

The sun is out and shining,
As bright as a light
The people are realising,
There is destruction and disaster everywhere.
But people everywhere,
Have come to lend a hand.

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