Get Me Out Of Here!

Excellence In Writing Award in the 'Dream Big 2013' competition

A wake to the sound of my phone buzzing next to my ear. Who could possibly be stupid enough to call me at 3.00 AM? “What!?” I yell into the phone, annoyed.
“Get out of the house now!” A voice yells.
“Who is this?” I frown, confused.
“There isn’t time to explain, get out now, I’m at the front.”
This must be some type of joke, I thought.
“Look I don’t know who you are or what you want, but get lost.”
“No, you don’t understand, just listen to me!” He pleaded. I hear the front door open down stairs, followed by voices. I walk along the top of the stairs and look down and see my adoptive parents, Luke and Claire, talking to a stranger. The stranger was wearing a black jumper and dark jeans, and I couldn’t see his face due to his hood. I watched them curiously, thinking it was best to stay silent. Then, for some reason unknown to me, Luke slammed the door in the stranger’s face.
“Summer? Summer, are you there?” I realise that I’m still on the phone. I quietly walk back to my room and whisper into the phone, “Just leave me alone.”
“Summer, please just listen to me. I need you to do exactly what I say, and fast.”
“Look, if this is a joke…”
“This is not a joke, if it were I wouldn’t be risking my life. Now go to your window and open it.” Strangely, I open it.
“Okay, now go and put some pillows under your blanket to make it look like you’re sleeping. Then, go and hide in your closet and once you’re in there hang up. Don’t make any noise what- so-ever until I call back.”
I do what he says. After a few minutes I hear footsteps coming up the stairs and stopping outside my door. It was so silent; I could hear my own heartbeat. I heard Claire’s voice, and a knock on the door.
“Summer, sweetie, are you awake?” I heard her whisper outside my door. She opens it and walks over to my bed. Thinking this was all a joke, I was about to open the doors of my closet when I heard several gunshots. I peak through the crack of my closet and see Claire holding a gun with it aimed at my bed. I cover my mouth and try not to scream when I realise she just tried to kill me! Someone I’ve grown to love and trust, didn’t even think twice about killing me!
“She’s not here; they must have got to her!” Claire yells.
“It looks like she went out the window.” Said Luke.
“Call everyone and find her!” She said angrily, and walked out of the room, Luke trailing behind her. My phone began to ring again, so I answer.
“What the hell is going on?” I demand.
“Let’s just say your world is about to change big time.”


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