Sweet Dreams

Excellence Award in the 'Dream Big 2013' competition

The storm was harsh yesterday and the weather now is still not fine. Dark, gloomy clouds are still floating lifelessly in the fragile sky. I just wish that the sun will come out someday and we will all be able to jump and play in the neighboring playground.
Mum made me some delicious, mouth-watering hot chocolate with 6 squishy marshmallows swimming in it. I held the cup in my hand to get the warmth on the cup, it felt like heaven! I stuffed myself in the blanket feeling cosy and comfortable. I fell asleep for a pretty long time and woke up to a disaster! Outside there were charcoal grey sad clouds with a handful of fierce lightning and loud thunder. The weather had a fever! The light leaves were dangling in the crispy atmosphere and there was not a single person out on the streets!
I was frightened yet fascinated by the weather that was showing off its power and viciousness. I don’t like this weather, this weather is colorless; it needs to be painted with pink and orange and red and blue and all the beautiful colors of the rainbow. See, imagination can take you anywhere from life on a farm to life up in the sky with unicorns and edible clouds!
The clouds were slowly diminishing and nice, fluffy white clouds were coming in with sunlight! There was a battle in the sky, between the white clouds and the grey clouds and eventually the white clouds took the grey clouds down! This is so awesome!
The nice, fluffy, cumulus clouds gobbled up the dirty clouds and took control. The frightened birds were again cheerful and the bees buzzed around the flowers for their sweet nectar. After some time came some gentle and fresh breeze along with a colorful rainbow!
I was happy! My eyes were seeing many beautiful things that might not be there in a few years time. But overall this is great; I thank God for this wondrous and beautiful nature.