“I am awesome,” I said.
“NO YOUR NOT!!!!!”said the IRON DOOR “OWWWWW!!!” it continued as I SMASHED IT!!!!!!!! I’m sitting on a recliner chair..calming down. When….. KA-boom, I fly up still on the chair to the International Space Station.
REALLY??? I hit THE IRON DOOR!! “OPEN,” I gasp
“NO!!!!” yells the IRON DOOR. “YOU SMASHED ME!!!!”
THINK,THINK,THINK!!!!!!!! METEOR!! I have two sticky magnets! I toss one of the magnets!!!! CLANG!!!!!! Went the magnet.
THE METEOR IS COMEING TO………….ME!!! The meteor smashes the iron door away. I dive inside the I.S.S. kicking the meteor away. CRASH!!!!!!!!!! I SCRAMBLE inside to find a radar showing a replay of MY HOUSE GOING KA-BOOM!! I see Mum, Dad and my brothers sprinting to safety. In the ISS I find that it is not the ISS at all!!!!!! I see a logo. W.B (WORLD BOOM!)
Evil spy agency! They must be stopped!
“Greetings,” I hear a cold, sharp voice from behind me.
I jump around to see a cloaked, black figure.
“JOIN OR LEAVE!” he yelled
“JOIN,” I say, that moment I regret and will regret forever.
The next day I was showing no mercy. I saw an extreme computer and jumped and in mid-air and smashed it. I smash through a glass window seeing a guy training. I see a monitor and a frightened-looking boy.
“-,” he opens his mouth to talk then closes it again.
“RRRRR!” I roar, smashing the punching bag. The strength-meter shattered!
“See the boss,” said the boy typing calmly on his computer.
10 minutes later I am talking with the boss.
“You see, I think you are just what I need,” he said.
“Oh yes I would say you’re surprised,” I replied.
“Yes indeed,” responded boss.
“So…” I trailed off.
“I want you to be the success of our agency,” said boss
“Yes sir,” I say enthusiastically.
“I want you to go on a mission,” said boss at once “in order to do so you must fill in these terms and conditions. I’ll show you some of them- You agree that this is dangerous, You agree that you could die, This mission involves galactic travel-will you still try? I answer “yes” to all of them. Then it briefs my mission-travel to galaxy X24 and destroy planet i, the sun and all moons.
It gave me a ‘clock device’ telling me I had 1year and 59 seconds.
I am in my rocket. MEATEOR! I just dodged it! Phew, at the planet! I don’t want to be nasty and destroy the planet so I make friends and play. 364 days later... The rocket is about to explode, so I fly back to earth. 5weeks later… I have everything ready, WB use evil storage so if their base is destroyed they will be good. I run inside looking at the radar showing WB go KA-BOOM! Déjà vu!!


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