A Boy From Birmingham And A Man With No Sense Of Direction

The kid was always silent,
He sat near the station just watching the world go by.
The boy was never violent,
He wouldn't hurt a fly.
He was no ordinary child,
Something more something wild.
His life was laid out ahead,
While I had nothing to go to but my bed.
And soon I'd be dead.
That one hit the nail on the head.

Alcohol reigns supreme in my life,
It's effects cause too much strife.
That boy convinced me to change,
The drink had caused me to mange.
The boy on the other hand was a picture of health,
Homeless yet full of wealth.
So I poured it down the sink,
I had pushed myself to the brink.

I see the boy no more,
He had moved on still hungry and poor.
His life had saved mine,
And I felt sublime.
Yet I missed his watchful eyes,
And since he'd gone there were no blue skies.
Every time I have the need to drink,
I give the boy from Birmingham a think,
For the man with no life direction,
Had found resurrection.