The Day when doves are shot out of the sky,
As the fall at the feet of the children, who look up and see,
The men carrying death under their arms,
Leaving nothing left behind.
The child in the corner sobs as her family vanishes before her eyes.
The men with death under their arms march on.
The streets so quiet you can hear silence speak,
And as the men go on you can hear Death laughing.
As he welcomes more to is humble abode.
As the men are confronted by yet more men,
Death begins to welcome even more.
As the men fall, he quickly escapes from under their arms,
And catches the men before they have even hit the ground.
Now he is all over what has become a battlefield.
Taking more and more victims as the days go on.
He steals children, families and men of both sides.
As the fighting goes on during the night,
More and more surrender to the darkness and to death.
Until the men with death under their arms want him no more.
They throw him to the ground,
Death will not have any more visitors for the time being.
And as the darkness of the night draws to a close.
It makes way for the sun to shine on the rose.
And doves fly through the sky once more.
For we have finally reached the end of the war.
The little legged lamb, a lamb no more
For it has the seen the destruction that man has caused
There is no place for Death on this scale in the world.
The Earths Jigsaw puzzle is not quite finished,
Still Room for Death to come in and take away so many of the pieces.
Death will always take some of the pieces.
But if men learn to construct the earths jigsaw puzzle.
Maybe next time Death on this scale,
Won’t be able to fit into any of the gaps.
So still there is hope.
As the darkness makes way for the sun,
To shine its rays upon the rose.