Dam It

Guess what the day has come, the day that Lilly and Milly are coming over and getting babysat by me. What am I going to do? They could dump my head in the toilet and make me fall into the pool and most of all they could embarrass me in front of Lisa Mackney.

I hear the front door go, Knock Knock, I tell mum to answer it. Mum answers it. Mum yells, ‘The twins are here’. I quickly ring Danny, No one Answers. Now I am stuck with the twins. WHAT WILL I DO ?. I don’t know but I better be quick.

The twins start their game of barbie dolls. I make them lunch, as soon as I turn around they are swinging on the FAN, Mum’s gong too KILL ME. I quickly think of something, I think I have a great idea.
I say, ‘Mr Greensdayle is coming to do an inspection today.”
Milly says, ‘Who’s Mr Greensdayle?’
I say he is a house Cleaner that cleans the house.
Lilly says “Oh”.
He doesn’t like naughty kids.
I quickly get Danny.
Danny dresses up as Mr. Greensdayle and I dress up as me. I tell Danny to jump out the window and come to the front door. I hear a knock on the door, I say in my head that will be Danny. I tell the twins Mr. Greensdayle is here.
They come to the door.
Lilly says, “How old are you?”
Danny says, “I can’t tell you because you will guess how old I am”.
Milly says, “Are you Danny?
Danny says “Yes I am.”
I start running, the twins catch up. They start throwing Mum’s Fishing Rod collection.
Mum’s going to KILL ME. I catch them. I have got two in my hand.
I say ‘Please don’t throw another one’.
Lilly threw one more, I hear the door open.
“It is Mum,” I say. It was not me.
The twins say, “Help.”
Mummy says well and clear, “What is in your hand?”
I see in my hand Mum’s Fishing Rod Collection is broken.
I say, “Sorry!”
Mum says “You are in big trouble!