Ode To Montville

Montville is a fine school, I really like it there
Especially the teachers when they go crazy and pull their hair
Mrs McCormac nearly drowned me when I was in prep
But Ms Ayres came to my rescue by jumping off the step

Mr Mac is awesome, he plays a mean guitar
His national anthem is worthy of being a rock star
Mr Frampton who we love he is an epic drummer
Without him and his tunes this school would be a bummer

Ms Roza the librarian she seems really quiet
But together with Ms Kelly the two can cause a riot
Sarah Chancellor she could get really mad
But Ms Blowers now Mrs Worner is totally rad

My new year seven teacher her name is Miss Leigh Carter
She asked us this, she asked us that "I have to make you smarter"
So that’s the Ode to Montville, I hope you really like it
Of course all of this true, every single bit