The darkness that lingers awaits for us to fall behind,
to take hold of our perception of reality and our mind.
watching each step we take in hope that we fall,
striving off of our failures to make us feel small.
making itself known by haunting the vacant mind of its host,
inflicting pain upon us where it hurts most.
not allowing soldiers to lick their wounds, but instead deepens them,
taking our coat of security by tugging at the hem.
turning plain into pleasure, until we know not what is real,
weighing us down with unrealistic expectations, leaving no room to heal.
causing pain allows relief from the last inflicted wound,
keeping us in the dark so we no longer bloomed.
giving up hope seems so easy to do,
no longer being the person you once knew,
letting the darkness take over to relieve the pain,
no longer fighting the battle that felt insane.