Last Chace

I sat in my bedroom and stayed there. It was devastating. The thought of me having to save the world and only having one chance, I mean, hello I’m only 9. What if I mess it up? This made my day seem depressing and a feeling I couldn’t describe. If I made one tiny mistake, the world would be in danger because of me alone, no one will back me up because I’m the one who did the mistake. I crumbled in disappointment and embarrassment. My dad came in and said ‘Leala, what are you doing?’ I pretended I was looking for my homework book and said, ‘I lost my homework book and now I’m really disappointed because the last day to hand it in is tomorrow’ my dad just said ok and went off. As soon as he went I just kept saying ‘why me’ over and over and over again. I couldn’t do anything except cry like a little baby and I’m old enough not to. I wanted to tell my dad but he wouldn’t believe me because he never dose. So I tried to forget about it by sleeping. The next day I woke up but it was still in my head. I wish my mum was still alive, she never thinks I’m lying.I went to school and asked my friend at school that I only had one chance to save the world. She asked me ‘how do you know?’ I said because martin told me and he said promise, my friend said that he was lying and he says that all the time to every one and he even tried to convince my best friend. I was so relieved that it wasn’t true. I went home and my dad asked me what happened at school. I said that I handed in my homework, I just needed an excuse for what I said yesterday.

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