Tainted Blood

I could smell the blood, so fresh and warm, so much life it was unbearable and with every step I took the smell grew stronger . . . stronger . . . stronger. A girl walked slowly down an alley way, unaware of her fate, so foolish, so naïve to think that she was safe tonight.
My throat caught fire as I listened to her beating heart. She was calm, singing as she skipped further and further down the dark alleyway. The scent of death was coming closer as I quickened my pace, hungry now for the coppery taste of her fresh blood. I wouldn’t need to feed for weeks after tonight. Maybe even a month . . . if I got every single drop.
Suddenly the girl stopped, finally realizing she was not alone in this alley, finally realizing the danger she had put herself into. For vampire or human, this was an easy way to catch a child. With nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, her chances of surviving were no more than naught.
I came up slowly behind her. Feeling the warmth of her human flesh, sensing the fright that radiated off her in waves. Most of all, confusion. Of course, to a child this young, why anyone would want to take her life must have been a cold mystery, but none the less one that could be solved if humans occasionally thought ‘outside the box’.
She wore a green parker with a word sewn across the back, a little pink skirt with white stockings and sandals. In her left hand she held a small note, one which said ‘Miss J. White’ on the cover and in her right hand, a jar of pills.
I reached out and clasped her tiny shoulder from behind, she gasped in shock and turned around suddenly but when she saw my pale, dark, beautiful face there was no fear in her eyes. This infuriated me greatly and in an attempt to scare her I opened my mouth and to show my sharp, long fangs gleaming in the moonlight as they emerged from my bloody gums. It hurt every time to bring them out. The girl stood still, rigid and pale like a statue and as I brought my fangs down to herb neck her eyes closed as though the pain could be dimmed if she were blind. The faint prick as I broke the skin of her neck was so familiar that I had no thoughts but to drink . . . drink . . .drink.
When finally I pulled back I noticed that the girl was smiling.
‘What, child?’ I asked in my deep, silky smooth voice. My words echoed against the walls of the alley and the child answered.
‘Read the letter.’ I snatched it out of her cold hand and read quickly. I finally felt the sickness in my stomach that meant tainted blood.
Cancer. . . the girl had cancer.
I fell to the ground.