Making It Through

I paddle out to the sea
Against the frothing waves rolling past
The ocean today seemed so vast
As I duck under a wave
To glimpse the ocean before
Never have I witnessed something so raw
Finally I make it out the back
To see how big the waves can really be
I see a wave coming closer
It would be a dream to catch that beast
I scream with joy as I paddle for it
I feel it lift me from underneath
Like its coming out of a knifes sheath
I jump on my feet as I roll down the wave
Never have I felt so brave
As I make it to the bottom of the wave
I pass girls with little braids
I laugh with delight
As I feel on top of the world
I do a quick turn at the bottom of the wave
That now makes me in the middle of what
Somehow seems like a grave
There’s no time to fiddle and diddle
As I tame this giant beast
I feel a surge of water brush against the top of my head
Which instantly makes me duck
I look up
I’m now in the barrel
I’m floating and shall be gloating
About such a feeling
That feeling I feel
Is like a king with his pride
Showing his peasants how to stride
I glide and ride
Through the barrel it’s self
Watching the wave fall
Just like a shelf
A gust of wind slams into my body
As the wave spits me out
With doubt I try not to fall
I turn around to see it is a million doors tall
That’s the end of my ride for the day
I hope this starts to happen
Day after day.