Katholom High

Charlotte Kingsworth looked at the tall building before her and took a step back. “Whoa” said Charlotte. She could not believe where she was. “I finally made it!” Said Charlotte thinking of how many tests she took to get to the most prestigious school in the area: Katholom High. Charlotte walked through the front entrance. “Welcome to Katholom High. What is you Name Dearie?” Greeted the front desk lady with a smile. “Charlotte Kingsworth Ma’am” Replied Charlotte. The front desk lady handed her some keys “Room 348, Charlotte” “Thank you” Said Charlotte. She Finally Found her room and unlocked the door. Her heart sunk. Pink. She Thought I HATE Pink. Charlotte liked a lot of colours, red, blue, aquamarine even purple. But not pink. A Girl was sitting on the top of the bunk bed in the room. “Hi” She said with a smirk “I’m Jade Carlo, the Most AWESOME surfer in the school” Charlotte thought of something “Ahem, Jade, The Closest surf school is two hours THAT way” Said Charlotte, Pointing left. “Yeah, well my Parents Made sure I was no-where NEAR a beach” Replied Jade “Ok So I’ll have bottom bunk?” Asked Charlotte. “Unless you want to sleep on the floor, yes.” Replied Jade.
After a tasty meal of Pork Chops, Charlotte began to realise how extremely RUDE her room-mate was. During Dinner, Jade Stuffed Her Face full and refused to clean up. “OMG who made that mess?” Said Jade acting all innocent. Charlotte Shook her Head and wondered how will Jade Ever Function in Society? When Charlotte entered the room she was Greeted by the annoyed voice of her room-mate “Do you mind? Barding in like that? I could’ve been naked!” Said Jade from her top bunk. Charlotte looked around the room. It looked like a 12-year Old’s Bedroom of Chaos! She cleaned up while Jade Played on her phone

After Cleaning up Jade’s mess and packing away her own Belongings Neatly, Charlotte fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.
The next morning Charlotte woke with a start. Above her Jade was snoring loudly like there was no tomorrow. Charlotte Changed out of her nightgown, made her bed and brushed her hair while humming a melody Jade Awoke Yawning “Charlotte I Didn’t get a wink of sleep last night because of your snoring.” Charlotte knew THAT excuse. She knows she doesn’t snore because once, when she was little she put a tape recorder on all night. When she played it in the morning it was Completely Silent. By 7:30 Charlotte was ready for breakfast. She made her way to the Cafeteria, Not being surprised by the Amount of kids who were already eating. She grabbed a tray and saw a tup of cornflakes. She grabbed a bowl and filled her bowl, almost forgetting to add milk! She ate quickly and then realised how delicious the corn flakes where Mmm She thought these cornflakes are delish! By 8:00 Charlotte was in her room watching Videos while Jade tried forcing the knots out of her short, stringy hair.. So she decided that at least she should be Friendly to Jade. She Picked up her detangling Spray and Sprayed the back of Jade’s head “Thanks, your actually kinda cool” She Replied with a smile “Wow that’s the nicest thing I’ve heard you say yet” Replied Charlotte. By 8:30 Jade & Charlotte where ready for class.


Charlotte Kingsworth Graduated and Had an Amazingly Happy Life. She grew up to become a famous skater, representing her country in countless competitions. She Died a Famous (And rich) Skater.
Jade? Oh well she graduated with an F- on all her reports. She couldn’t care less. She grew up to be a mean, lean, surfing machine. She won countless surfing competitions but everywhere she went, she was booed at for how mean she was. She Died a Famous Surfer with no fans.
By Chelsea Crew



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