Jimmy Heartwood

One perfectly normal day Jimmy Heartwood woke up and got ready for school, he brushed his teeth and went to have breakfast.
“Hi mum” said Jimmy
“Hi darling how did you sleep?”
“Great mum.” he said as he rolled his eyes and sat at the kitchen table.“Where’s dad?”
“He’s at work early again inventing more crazy stuff.”
“Scruff is not crazy. Come here boy” said Jimmy. Scruff is a robotic dog that his dad had invented. Jimmy loved Scruff “Ok I am going now.”
“See you later darling, have a good day,” said Jimmy’s mum as she gives him a kiss. “Hey do you know your dad is coming to your school today. He said he has a new invention to show the world.”
“Great” said Jimmy as he walked out the door.
Jimmy got on his bike and rode off to school. On the way he passed old houses with gardens filled with flowers. The world that Jimmy lived in was perfect. When Jimmy got to school he put his bike in the bike shed and went to class. At class he saw his dad “hi dad” said Jimmy “hi matey”. Jimmy sat down and began a long day of school. His dad was showing a robot that would protect people from robbers in the night. He said soon everybody in the world would have one in their hallway. Jimmy’s dad turned the robot on. It looked at the class and said hello. Everybody in the class laughed. All of a sudden the robot smashed the window and went out of control. Everybody screamed and ran out the door. So did Mrs Hootabell the teacher and Jimmy’s dad.
They ran down the hall and hid behind a wall. .Jimmy’s dad said that the only way to stop the robot was to turn it off by pushing a button on its back. .He said he would try and turn it off and insisted that everybody else better stay here so they didn’t get hurt. Everyone agreed except Jimmy, he said that he would go with his dad, but his dad said “Jimmy it will be ok. “What if you get hurt? ”Jimmy said “Come on we’re the Heartwoods Jimmy, what could possibly go wrong please go wait with your friends” Jimmy went and waited with his friends while his dad went to fight and try and turn off the robot. After a while Jimmy was getting worried until the robot came marching down the hall. .Jimmy’s dad was getting demolished by the robot it was about to destroy his dad when Jimmy ran up behind the robot and turned it off. After that Jimmy was a hero. .That was the good thing. The bad thing was that Jimmy’s dad got fired.
“I am sorry about your job”, said Jimmy. “That’s ok I will find another job, at least you, your mum and I are together, that’s the main thing”, he said with a grin.


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