Game Of Poems

Prostitutes, breasts, kings and power,
Knights, white-walkers, and the knight of the flowers,
George R Martin likes Killing the favourite people,
And winterfell has lost its most prominent steeple.
The King-slayer has lost his fighting hand,
and due to him Bran cannot stand,
The red wedding saw blood spilt on the roistering house floor.
And now rob stark cannot win the war.
Due to Robert Boratheion’s tragic death,
And when Ned stark drew his final breath,
A war broke out, between two sides,
The Lannisters vs starks, and more besides.
Dyanris Targerian has some Dragons,
Whilst the imp can drink some flagons,
And so increases the mount of bones,
but that’s how the game is played in this game of thrones.

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