Excellence In Writing Award in the 'Dream Big 2013' competition

“Give me the bubble-goo please.” “Yes father.” I love my dad you see he is the royal wizard of Cazarmy kingdom. The king is Trumbodor, he and my dad were best friends at Vanda Primary. Then Trumbodor was told when he was 10 that he will be a ruler when he grows up. When my father was 10, he was told that he would be a royal wizard. Then they told each other at school and were very happy. They have been best friends for a long time and still are.
Trumbodor has a daughter named Elizer and we are besties. I am helping dad with his troll zombie experiment. You see the trolls from the Netherland Forrest keeps attacking our kingdom and me and Elizer have to save it. We like to fight them it’s our challenge other than being the best wizard or ruler. Papa claims if we spray the trolls they will be at our command. Then we can tell them to leave and never come back again. “Mordana? Mordana!” huh oh sorry dad here’s the tube for the snake venom, eggs, poo, guts and floury powder. I don’t like making potions when we have to put gross stuff in it. Dad started mixing all the stuff it smelt foul. It smelt like rotten eggs!
In the afternoon Elizer came over and said: “after I turn 16(1 week away) I can go to the liviana ball of mystical life. I can bring one person with me and I said you of course. That person is also my lady in waiting but you’re a wizard but dad said you can be both. I nearly fell off my seat with joy. Then we hear a BANG…….
Dad says “Mordana, Elizer quickly go and spray this on the trolls!” We both put some armor on and we try to spray the trolls but the knights are too close. I take off my armor and stand where the trolls can see me.I give the knights a look to say don't interfere. Elizer does the same and we both pretend to be scared because the trolls like eating scared children. We both spray the trolls and tell them to help us fight the “bad” trolls. Then all that’s left is the leader I charge at him from his front and Elizer charges from the back. She leaps on him and tries to spray but her bottle is empty so the troll throws her to the floor like a fly.I look at Elizer sprawled on the floor maybe uncontious. I tell the men to take her to the doctor then i shapeshift into my animal form(a hawk)The troll laughs and says “give me all you got little hawk.” I charge at him and hit him with my claws and while he’s healing I spray at him but i miss. He swings at me and pins me down to the floor. I try to get out of his grip but i can't. The he lifts one arm ready to hit me and i realize i, can move one arm so i shoot the roof shading us and a few pieces come off putting sunlight on the troll.He screams while turning to stone, then he falls on me and all i see is blackness.I wake up ad see Elizer standing over me. She says we are heroes and that i should be able to stand by tonight.she tells me that the people of our town is making a statue of us fighting. The ball is tomorrow so you'll feel better says dad and i sigh happily!


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