Darlington Dusk

Excellence Award in the 'Dream Big 2013' competition

The Darlington Dusk
The sun sets at six
A glow fills the clouds,
Amber, marigold orange, blood red and ash.
All contributing the make up of our sunset
Dark inky silhouettes of birds flying above,
The aroma of wood fires burning in peoples homes.

The sun gets lower and lower,
It’s dye, a bright vibrant orange penetrates all windows,
colouring interiors the colour of charcoal being heated in a fiery inferno

The sun is now in it’s final minutes and colours have intensified,
Get engulfed into the horizon.

In its final seconds and the sun is almost gone, all you can see is it’s hazy shape
Being eaten by the horizon.
3… 2… 1…

Stefan Zalstrovs


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