Dark Paradise

The howling wind whistles
Through the humid December night
Not a soul but us walking in the street light,
Walking home from one of many adventures
In the still hours of darkness.
Side by side, not uttering a word
Relishing the tranquillity and company
Of each other's presence.
Each stride we took was taking us closer
To our final destination
The end of my euphoria.

But I took each end
As the beginning of a new chapter
To create more memories,with the man who was my ecstasy!
I was on cloud nine, not a single thought,
The thought of descending never came to mind.
I was in pure bliss, retaining my delirium
I was in ecstasy, the ecstasy of loving him.
The closer I got to my euphoria
The deeper I was plummeting
Into a blissful paradise,
Oblivious of what was ahead!


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