Zack's Journey

Zack’s Journey
Once upon a time there was a kid named Zack.
He was friendly and warm and easy to understand.
His friend used to peer pressure him.
They were playing with his mind and messing with his head
Zack’s cousin was strong and no one can peer pressure
Zack’s cousin because he’s not afraid of any one
But he didn’t want Zack to get peer pressured.
Zack didn’t listen to his cousin and also Zack made a bad decision.
When Zack reached to high school it was hard to make them stop peer pressuring him.
Cause they were playing with Zack’s mind.
So the next day Zack woke up and said to himself “I’m going to go tell them to stop peer pressuring me.”
So when Zack told them that, he got bullied and his and his cousin did not help him.
Zack said “I wish in listened to you, cousin.”
The next day Zack was not afraid but his face was red
He was angry so he screamed his head off and told them to stop peer pressuring me.
They did so Zack did not let anyone peer pressure him again.

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