A Mysterious Journey

I was woken by a shake. My room was warm so getting up wasn't hard. My Dad threw a bag at me and pointed to my things.
It was so hard I wanted to take everything but I knew I couldn't. I looked over at my clock, it was 3.30am, it was early but I knew there was a reason.
Dad came in and hurried me along "Come on Luc, grab some small items and pack them in your bag" Dad sounded worried "But dad" My voice wasn't heard he was already in the kitchen gathering food so we could leave. I packed my things and before I knew it I was in the squishiest place on earth.
I was in a corner of a truck, furniture all around me, I could barely breath but then again that might just be my fear.
The Japanese had come to stay and not just for the views, but luckily they haven’t settled in yet.
It was like travelling Australia but the views weren’t mountains or outback.
I was still really uncomfortable and the furniture was moving everywhere making loud pitched noises so it was hard to close my eyes.
I felt lonely, dejected and worried but at least I had the little fur ball, my cat Oscar. I could sense his fear because he wasn’t moving from my lap. We came to a halt and the roller like door opened, it was sunny.
I could see my Dad I was so relieved we hadn't crossed the border of Victoria yet but we were close and that meant... freedom...