Lagoona Blue

It was a bright and sunny morning when a young Australian girl named Lara went down to the beach for an early morning surf. Unaware of the danger ahead Lara dove into the water and because of the current she ended up in the no go zone. Whilst she was trying to get back to safety surfing, she caught a huge wave which caused her to have a wipeout and she got bit by a sea monster. Lara fell to the bottom of the ocean. When she woke up the next day she had discovered that not only was she still in the water but she had grown fins, was blue and could breathe under water. Afraid of what people might say to Lara she decided for her own safety never to return to her home and began to swim far away. She also thought it best to change her name and therefore from this day on she called herself Lagoona Blue.

Lagoona Blue was a funny fish-girl and always made the other sea animals laugh. Another gift that was given to her when she was bitten by the sea monster was that she could talk to animals, any kind of animals. She had travelled from her hometown in Australia to New Zealand then went onwards to Europe in search of others like herself or even possibly the sea monster who was her maker. She was a friendly fish-girl but also sometimes in the dark of the bottom of the ocean Lagoona would lay quietly remembering her family on land and missed them but always knew that she would no longer ever be able to return to them, they would not understand what happened to her.

One day while swimming around looking for something to eat, Lagoona heard a strange noise coming from behind a large rock. She swam as quiet as possible to the rock when all of a sudden another strange sea creature wearing a helmet came out from behind the rock. He was just like Lagoona only this time it was a fish-boy. Lagoona screamed and began to swim away from him. He yelled out to her to stop and said his name was Gil. Lagoona stopped and turned around and asked Gil "Where are you from"? Gil explained "I am from America. I heard about you and was sent her to find and help you". "Why would I need your help"? asked Lagoona Blue. Gil replied "It is for your own safety. There are not too many of us around and your maker is searching for you". Lagoona was amazed that Gil knew so much about her. "How do you know my maker? Did he make you too"? "No" replied Gil. "He is an outcast of our kind. He tried to defeat my father King of the River Monsters and therefore he was asked to leave our kingdom. He is looking for you to make up for his mistakes and wants to make you his daughter". Lagoona Blue was worried. What if this sea monster really is mean and wants to harm her? She decided to listen to Gil and therefore began swimming with him.

On their way swimming Gil began to tell Lagoona Blue all about America and what it was like. He explained that there was a very special school there just for all sorts of different kinds like himself and Lagoona. It was called Monster High.

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