Magic In The Kingdom United

Once upon a time there was a girl who lived in a city called the Kingdom United. Her parents had died after the volcanic earthquake that erupted in 1970. The rescue people were unable to reach her parents. Every day she would wonder if she were a magical magician would she be able to bring her mum and dad back. She sat in her bed wondering what the painful things her mum and dad put themselves through so she could still have a life and make her dreams of being a magical magician come true.

So her journey started as she lived in an orphanage with many other kids that didn’t have parents. She lived there for at least 15 years and then moved out when she was 20. She was put in there at the age of five years old. Her journey through the orphanage started as they got into little groups and started to tell all the kids their goals.

All the kids in the orphanage thought that she was being really stupid and they all put her down when she told them. They were really angry that she even said she wanted to be a magical magician when she grew up. So she would always just get up for early for breakfast, eat lunch and tea alone, and take her shower and then run back into the room without talking to anyone.

She did this for about one month until the people in her bedroom felt really sorry for her after everyone crashing her dreams. So they bought in a magical magician for the day. She did a show and talked about how she got to where she is. Well she started as she studied for about a year on trying master simply tricks at home and put them on the internet so she could get some comments on what she needs to improve on, and to get some more advice by buying a magic trick set and read some of the inspiring ways to become one. Then she thought should she began her first show ever. She asked her orphanage friends they agreed as they were hopping up and down.

She went to the shops and went to get her props and rang up some of the producers of the famous people. She had her show in a the city of Kingdom United on a big stage with seats surrounding from left and right of the side of her eyes. She was a bit nervous as it was getting to the last hour before the big show. By then, she was getting her scary props on and the stage was getting set up. It was time and she was on stage waiting for the show curtains to open .

The show had began and she started with a simply trick with the magic and then she started to do bigger and harder tricks. By the end of the show producer were standing at her dressing room. They wanted her talent, so she signed a contract. She had started her career.