I Hand

Hannah got her hand amputated and got an ihand robot hand as a replacement. One day while Hannah was walking her dog Cosmo through the park with her new ihand, Cosmo was sniffing the ground and as he was sniffing he smelt smoke. Cosmo looks around to find where it is coming from and spots a cloud of smoke and ash, “whoof, whoof, arhoo” barks Cosmo at Hannah to get her attention. He tries to pull Hannah towards the fire and she slowly starts to follow him unaware why he is acting odd. As Cosmo is trying to get Hannah to follow him, the fire is burning a five story building. The people inside are trapped screaming “someone help us the building is on fire”, “please someone save us”. Finally Cosmo got Hannah to the burning building that is about to crumble crashing to the ground. Hannah quickly turns her ihand on and grabs the people carefully so she does not hurt them she gracefully, gently brings the people safely to the ground and races to the fire hose turns it on and puts the blazing fire out. Hannah calls the ambulance. Emma: “Hello this is Emma specking at the hospital what is your situation and what is your location?” Hannah: “There is a building on fire at Townsville lane number 18, I saved the people and I put the fire out. The people are safe siting on the side walk waiting for you to come and get them.” Emma: “we will be there as soon as we can and check everyone that was involved in the fire. Were there any animals that were in the building with the people and did you have an animal with you?” Hannah: “yes I had an animal with me and the people in the building had pets one lady had a 11 month old Romanian puppy, another lady had a 1 year old grey tabby cat, one man had a 2 year old Labrador” Emma: “I will send someone straight away” Steve: “I am hear to take the people and there pets to the hospital to check if any of them got injured”.