Excellence In Writing Award in the 'Dream Big 2013' competition

Hi my name is Charlotte but everyone calls me Charley. I have purple straight long hair and the principal doesn’t like it. She always says your purple hair is as purple as the violets in the community garden. I hate it when she says that. I’m going to explode. I hate brushing my hair and pink dresses. She is going to like it someday. I’m in Yr7 and I’m the smartest in the school. My best friend is Maltida Whale she the youngest in the school.
I wish I could dye all the student’s hair purple. That gives me an idea…
3 month later, I invited all 200 students to my house to dye their hair purple, my plan is to get them all in one spot and dye their hair. I have prepared 200 litres of purple dye from my mum’s favourite purple blanket. It will drop from my bedroom window while my best friend gets everyone to stand under it to take a school photo for the principal’s birthday!
The next day at school the principal thought she was dreaming!! All she could see at assembly was a sea of purple hair!! She checked her glasses and checked with the secretary to see if that what she could see! All I could hear next was “Charlotte Go to My Office Immediately!!!”


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