Lockie The Nerd Champ

Excellence Award in the 'Dream Big 2013' competition

"Nerd!" Another punch hit Lockie's shoulder. "How many computers has daddy fixed today?" Asked Jerome sarcastically. Before long all the bullies had left. Leaving Lockie sitting on the stone floor, his brown hair stuck up in random positions. He hated them, always had. Ever since they met. sometimes he blamed his parents for having the jobs they have. His dad was a computer technician and his mum, an online florist. Not amazing jobs but it's hardly their fault. Later that day, when Lockie was walking home He began to think, this time it wasn't about his new strategy on his X-box but about how he could make those bullies have a taste of their own medicine.

Next time Jerome and his gang decided to insult Lockie, he stood up for himself and simply replied "I'd like to know what your parents do for a living?" Jerome didn't reply to this, until Lockie let out a questioning sound "my mum is a dentist" he exclaimed, "really? How about your dad?" Lockie could see lies in his eyes "my dad's an um,(long silence) he's a professional basketball player. Lockie had the impression that Jerome wished that conversation never happened. It worked better than expected in fact even got a friend, his name is Brett. Brett is close to the bottom of the popularity list like lockie and is quite shy.

As they were strolling out to lunch Jerome approached them, usually this would be a bad sign but Lockie was pretty confident an apology was coming. But no, soon Mitch, Albert and the rest were swarming around like ants to a mouldy pile of horse manure. I didn't realise what was going on until everyone formed circle and started chanting "fight, fight, fight!" Lockie didn't know what to do, but when Jerome went for a shoulder charge Lockie did the worst move Imaginable. He got to the floor and curled up in a ball. When Jerome reached Lockie the impact was huge, Jerome shrieked as he hit Lockie's rear end,he tripped up and flew through the air, only to face plant at the feet of Miss Hubrow.

"That is the last straw!" She yelled as she yanked him to his feet "you'll be seeing me in my office this afternoon" Miss Hubrow whispered in an 'I'm gonna kill you' tone. "As for you mister Lachlan, thank you for not retaliating." She walked off tugging Jerome by the ear. Lockie rose to His feet and immediately Brett had joined him. "That was cool" is all he said afterwards. Jerome never worried Brett or Lockie again. In fact once gossip got around, Jerome stayed quiet for a couple of months to avoid humiliation.


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