A Battle To Remember

The battle was on an immense scale. The hunter green coloured grass had been ripped from the ground the where the two opponents were stood. They faced each other as turquoise clashed with olive. The blonde haired man was the first to break the uneasy silence.
“So, we haven’t even fought and you’re backing away already?” He taunted.
“SHUT UP!” The green-eyed man yelled, throwing the first punch of the duel at his opponent.
The other caught his punch and smirked as he kicked him is his gut. The wind had been knocked out of him and he was on the ground, face-first, wheezing as he tried to catch the thing he had lost moments before.
As he propped himself up on his elbow, he mumbled “B-bastard…”
He stood up, still out of breath and then ran to the other kicking in process. It was his turn to smirk. It was in vain though, because it looked like it hadn’t contacted. What the hell is going on here..? He thought as he tried to process why the kick hadn’t made contact with the other. He snapped out of the thought process quickly, but not fast enough. The other was already on top of him, delivering a roundhouse kick to his head
As soon as it contacted, Blood spurted from his mouth, proving to the other that damage had been dealt.
The other grinned sadistically as he muttered “Nighty-Night.” To the seemingly unconscious man. He turned to leave-
“I’m not dead yet, so why are ya leavin’?” the army green-eyed man wheezed.
How?! The other thought, how could he not be dead yet, or at least unconscious?!
As almost an answer to his thoughts the man said “I have a hard head.”
The other, shocked, stood stunned for a second. In that second, the man successfully managed to the other in the in the neck, actually managing to hit him and cause damage.
“H-how..?” The other asked “How did you manage to hit me..?” He spewed out a large amount of scarlet blood, drenching the area that he was kneeling on.
He grinned “I hit you, huh? Now I’m all fired up!”
He started to rapidly kick and punch the kneeling man. His body was bruised by the time he got up.
“You… really t-thin-think you ca-ca-can… BEAT ME!!!” he yelled coming back with 2 times the force of his others. The kicked the man in the nose, the stomach, and the side. With each attack, excluding the nose, he coughed up blood.
Before the other could strike once more, the man kicked the underside of the others chin, causing wave of blood from the other and a wave of nausea to affect him. The other was knocked unconscious.
“Yes! I did it!” he celebrated. As he celebrated, he heard footsteps from behind him
“Lucy!” He yelled, joy filling his voice
“Natsu! Are you okay? You’re wounded!” She screeched, concerned.
“I’m fine,” the green-eyed man, Natsu, answered “Now let’s go home”
Disclaimer: I don’t own Fairy Tail, but I own ‘the other’. His name is Phillip.
Note: This fight was started because Natsu took some of his cheese. Phillip loves cheese.


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