Ze Plague

Finalist in the 'Dream Big 2013' competition

Luxembourg Germany: November 24th 2011
It all began when I was on my way to my laboratory. I was driving through the typical peak hour traffic. When I got there I slipped on my lab coat and asked my assistant to run a few tests on the subject. A scrawny vicious pit-bull. It growled menacingly at my assistant as she attempted to run a blood test, for it had been infected by a mystery illness.
Then it suddenly lashed out, biting her on the arm. She screamed in agony as the pit-bull sunk its hollow jaws into her arm, her blood dripping on the floor. I managed to pry the dog’s jaws open and put a syringe containing tranquilising components into it’s neck.
I quickly rushed to my assistants aid and carefully put disinfectant on her wound and noticed her eyes change from a deep green to a menacing red. I suddenly realised it was too late and she had already become infected. I rapidly grabbed my work notes and ran out of the laboratory
Luxembourg Germany: September 11th 2013 present day.
Two years have passed since the event occurred. I now work for the militia in a secure location researching a cure. The town is now in mayhem, it is overrun with the infected. They lurk in the shadows waiting for their next victim to approach. Then two weeks later I captured a live subject and studied it closely. Then I got a DNA sample and put it under the micro-scope. The DNA seemed to be eradicating through the subjects veins and its health was declining.
The Cure
After years of research I finally made a breakthrough for the cure and told the militia and they decided to launch rockets containing my antidote. 5,4,3,2,1, rockets deployed. We watched as the infected started to change their eyes going from red to the normal colours. My antidote was a success. Now I live my every day life, going to my laboratory studying new things every day.



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