I Am A Convict

Convict diary entry
November 18th 1868 I stole one loaf of bread because my family and I are starving. Court me 3 days later.

On November 22nd I had to go to gaol on the lady penrhyn, because stole a bowl of fruit. T was sentenced to work 6 day s a week in the stocks.

The nest day this woman was put into my box whose name was Olivia. She tried to escape but she got court and got whipped by the cat- o – nine tails. After she got whipped she got sent back to me then she spewed all over me. Then I went to sleep.

The nest morning I thought that my brother was shaking my bed but then I woke up but it was just the waves rocking me, I miss my brother and my family so much.

The water is so bad that I am up side down .I feel very sad.

The nest morning I felt sad. Because I was so fair away from my family. And I had to do more work eat less food .

1878 December 18th. the job I was given was assigned servant. I find it hard in Australia because it is hot. It is hard because I have to work non stop.

My new life is hard because I don’t get to eat as much at all. I feel that my future in New South Wales is going to be good but I miss my family terribly.

By Katie