SPLASH!! I see water everywhere, a blue wasteland. A dark looming object came towards me at an alarming speed, at first I thought it was Greg my mate, but is actually a skinny, bony crauk {a scaly, disgusting human like creature made by Dragoon}! It opened its jaw revealing razor sharp fangs, ready to rip off anything’s head that gets in the way. Dragoon’s minions were riding on the large back of the demon, ready to torment me with anti-scale guns like the large, gleaming token rod 13-45. Guns like those are illegal in Tasarin.
My senses started throbbing and my heart went crazy with beating. I ducked as the beast lunged for my chest. I attempted to cover myself behind a rock from the lasers. Unfortunately, I wasn’t fast enough and I was hit on the leg. The pain was EXCRUTIATING!! I didn’t know how long I’d last. I saw emerald green blood gushing out of my laser stung fin. Then suddenly everything went black.
I guess you want to know I am. My name is Jake Manoftie. I’m 12 years of age. A Tasarian citizen. Lately a horror has risen, Dragoon. He assassinated our beloved King Arossa Ling. His family was sold into slavery. I myself have lost my family. In vain I tried to escape, but was caught. Now I am being taken to Dragoon’s lair to face untold pain. I was angry at my Pa deserting us at a crucial time. Heaven knows were he is now.
Dragoon’s crazy idea is to rule us Tasarians and give us hard labour to build a powerful empire. No one knows who he was, what he looks like and were he dwells. Rumour says he’s lurking in the Bermuda Triangle. All the ships that sunk were probably caused by Dragoon’s favourite creation, the deflanker. He uses this weapon to bring terror to ships and make them sink. He brings destruction onto the world as if it’s a hilarious game. Yet, the Guardians of Tasarin protect the good people from Dragoon’s wrath.
I myself am a Guardian, In fact I’m the Deliverer. I am the one who has to do extra training in the ancient Telepothy Temple. I am the one who has to fight face to face in a deadly battle against Dragoon. And as soon as I break free, I’ll go straight to the ancient axtragagus armoury and prepare for war!