In a place called Townsville, high on a mountain named Mount Stuart, there lived an evil dragon. Its name was Kako - Greek for evil. Each afternoon it flew down to earth and ate anyone or anything that crossed its path. At night it would fly back up to its cave in the mountain. For years, world war three had raged, leaving no defence force to slay the treacherous dragon. Any policeman who attempted to destroy the evil villain was considered mad for they were sure to be killed.
Mr Michael Storm was a brave brave man. He was in charge of a unit called the dragon slayers. His team of 30 men were well trained with the SAS. These men fly aeroplanes to demolish dragons in the world. Mr Storm got the phone call on a Sunday afternoon. His squad was going to be paid 20 000 dollars by the Townsville government to kill a dragon known as Kako. He immediately accepted.
On a bright Monday morning Mr Storm was giving a mission briefing to his squad in an aircraft traveling toward Townsville Mount Stuart. They would ambush the dragon as it came to earth in the afternoon and shoot it through the gaps in its armour. That was sure to kill him. The team got in to their fighter jets and flew off.
Kako leapt into the air ready for his tea. As he flew to Townsville however a ray of bullets hit him under his first coat of armour but the unnoticed second layer of armour protected him. “How does he do that?” Yelled 21 “I don’t know” cried 1, who was Mr Storm. The dragon thrashed his tail around the two closest jets who were 19 and 5. They spun wildly to the ground where they disappeared in a brilliant fireball. The dragon’s jaws snapped, taking out jets 21,25 and 29. The giant jaws snapped again demolishing jets 9 and 11. Mr Storm (realising that there must be another coat of armour underneath the first) remembered from a previous mission with a dragon of a similar type that the only thing that could kill it was...itself.
Mr Storm flew his jet lower and lower until he has hovering above the armour of the dragon - and waited and waited. The dragon sent its tail to pulverise Mr Storm. Mr Storm waited - “One Mississippi, two Mississippi” and then he flew at a 180 degrees angle. He was two metres away from the dragon before he heard a shriek of pain. When Mr Storm flew away there was only one thing left in the tail’s range. Itself. Kako wailed until it hit the ground. It let out one last cry of pain before death took him. “Well done” Mr Storm congratulated himself.
The End



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