The Wimpy Kid

Excellence In Writing Award in the 'Dream Big 2013' competition

Once there was a Wimpy Kid, a very wimpy goat;
In winter he was the only kid to ever need a coat!
The poor little kid was forever glued to his mother:
The other goats would snicker and point amongst each other.
This made him feel really bad, and inside very, very sad;
So he looked for advice from his big and strong Dad!
Well lots of things to say had he;
But first of all, grow up – like me!
How, said the goat, do I do that, I’m not half as big as you
Well then, little goat, you need to lift some weights, you do!
And so off he was sent to the Goatsburg Gym
But when it comes to sport, said the coach, you really are dim.
Not liking this, Wimpy ran away home;
Mummy, I am a wimp, maybe I should be alone!
Then he discovered he was smart and could make the world a better place
He realised that being a wimp didn’t matter, and he had a smile upon his face.


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