My Favorite Sports

Excellence In Writing Award in the 'Dream Big 2013' competition

I hear the crowd roar as I run in,
I feel the leathery ball in the palm of my hand,
See the sweat run down my arm from the hot rays of sun.
Where am I?
I hear the squawking of seagulls above me,
I feel the waxed board floating on the ocean,
And I see the next wave come in, it’s a beauty!
Where am I?
I hear my teammate yell out ‘you’re hot’
I feel the leather ball collide with my boot,
And I see my teammate mark the ball overhead.
Where am I?
I hear the thundering noise of our boots as we stamper down the court,
I feel the ball launch of my hands towards the ring from three point.
And I see the ball swish through the net on the siren.
Where am I?


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