Halloween Disater

It was October Thirty-first.


It all started when two kids wanted to go trick or treating but their dad said no. So the two girls snuck out of the window and went trick or treating. However, one of the girls ends up getting kidnapped.

The story starts with the two girls. They were named Sarah and Crystal and they were sisters. Crystal was 10 and Sarah was 11. It was Halloween and the girls had asked their dad if they could go trick or treating. Their Dad had said no.

Upset by this, Crystal pleaded with her Dad “But why? Why can’t we go trick or treating?”
“Because you don’t have a supervisor to look after you!” Dad replied. Angry, they went in their bedroom and hopped on their beds to think. “So…” Crystal said “Put on your costume and I’ll put on mine!”

Sarah was reluctant.
“But dad said no!” she cautioned Crystal.
“So what? We’re climbing out the window!” replied Crystal with a cheeky glint in her eye.

Crystal wiggled the window loose, and opened it. She carefully and quietly lifted herself out and on to the tree branch outside. Sarah hesitantly followed. Once they were outside of the window they carefully shut it again. They heard footsteps inside. Afraid it was their Dad; they jumped out of the tree and ran down the street as fast as they could.

They had been walking along the street for some time now and they decided to start with a house a few streets up from theirs to be safe. They went to lots of houses and were very polite and said thank you for all the lollies they received. The grown-ups complimented them on their costumes, with some casting glances up and down the street as if looking for the parent or guardian that was surely with them. After a house where an old lady lived with many cats, they were walking along the street when Crystal saw someone coming towards them. Sarah hadn’t seen yet, so she hit her sister hard in the arm to get her attention. Sarah looked up to where Crystal was, annoyed, and said “stop hitting me!” but there was no one there.

Sarah looked around and couldn’t find her sister at all so she started shouting her name. Sarah was panicking because she couldn’t find her sister so she ran home and climbed up the tree and went in through the window. She checked Crystal’s bed. It was empty.

Terrified, Sarah ran to her dad and screaming hysterically “Crystal got kidnapped we were out trick or treating then she hit me and I said stop hitting me and than I turned around and she was gone!”

Her Dad looked confused. “Slow down Sarah. What happened?” So Sarah explained to her dad what happened. After being told off by her dad for going out after he said not too, her dad got the phone and called the police. “Please help me! My Daughter is missing! My girls went trick or treating when I said not to so they climbed out their bedroom window and one of them got kidnapped and the other one ran home!”

When the police arrived they asked Sarah’s Dad “Do you have a recent photo of the girl which we can use on the news?” So Dad went off to get a photo. When he came back he gave the police a description of Crystal. “She’s a girl and her name is Crystal and she is 10 years old. She has long blonde hair; she is quite tall for her age and slender.” Then he suddenly broke down crying. “Please! I want my Crystal back now!” Sarah couldn’t watch her dad like this. She ran upstairs.

After the police left, Dad came up to Sarah’s room. Sarah was crying. Her dad asked her “Stop crying Sarah, go get your jacket. We’re going to go find her.”

While Sarah was looking for her jacket she suddenly heard a cry from the forest. She ran to her dad and said “I just heard a scream coming from the forest!” so Sarah and her dad dropped everything and ran outside and ran towards the forest. They listened carefully, walking slowly “I can hear screaming!” Sarah whispered to her dad. It was coming from the middle of the forest. They ran faster and faster in the direction of the screaming.

They came into a clearing and what they saw was shocking. There was a little girl bleeding from her knee, so Sarah started to cry. It wasn’t someone she knew. She asked if she was all right and then got a bandage out her pocket and put it on the little girl. They made sure the girl was okay, and they began to run again. Then Sarah and her dad tripped over and fell down. They stood back up to check what they had fallen on. It was a leg lying in the bush.
Sarah screamed. They parted the bush and saw a leg so they started to cry and the dad screamed so loud that Sarah got a head ach.

So they got up than they continued to run when they saw Crystal crying they looked at her leg and it was still their so they ran towards her than a big giant beast jumped in front of them and said “YOU TOUCH HER YOU DIE,”. “SHE’S MY LUNCH.” So slowly the dad put his hand behind his back and got his gun and shot the beast twice than ran towards Crystal and picked her up than ran all the way home with Sarah.

When they got home they put some bandages on Crystal than told Sarah to go lock her window. Than the dad went in the bedroom and put Crystal on her bed and tucked her and Sarah in and said “goodnight”. Than put himself to bed.


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