‘’Get up Mary you’re going to be late for camp and the bus’’ yelled her mum. Mary got dressed and got onto the bus and off she went to camp.
Mary lived in America in 1979. It was long bus ride to their destination but they got there in the end. They did so many things they went to Disney land and went on all the rides. After a very long two weeks they drove home. When the bus had arrived they all looked for their parents that normally would welcome them back but no one was there. They noticed that everything was destroyed and that there was smoke in the air.
Bang! Bang! Bang! Three bombs just went off followed by crying and people screaming out for help.
Out of nowhere a lady popped up and ‘’said get off now or you’re going to die!"
The war has begun. Everybody got off the bus and ran home. When Mary got home her mum was on the floor bleeding. She ran over to help her and to stop the bleeding. She carried her mum to the couch and went to find her friends, to find what to do.
She went to find all of the people she knew, even if she didn’t get along with them, she realised she needed all the help she could get. She needed them, not just for her mum but to defeat the war. It would be hard but it would be worth a shot.
They sat down and had a long thought about what to do. In the end they were going to get guns and hide and attack when least expected but first they had to go help all of the people that had been injured.
The first house they went to was Mary’s dad’s house to see he was ok. He was fine he just had cuts and bruises they all went to their parents and friends and relatives to fix them all up. Not all of them could be fixed, some had died they were absolutely sick of these murders they were going to start their plan. They all hid and boy were they ready to do some damage.
They came out Mary had a good look at them and they were bloody scary.BANG! BANG! BANG! Three soldiers dead there was still a hundred more they. They got all the bombs and ammo and guns off the dead soldiers once the rest had gone.
The next day the soldiers came back they threw the grenades and bombs and started shooting they killed about forty more soldiers then about thirty five more the next day but along the way of killing all of the soldiers they lost over half of their army. The next day they killed the rest but they also lost more of their army there was only about five people left in their army that was including Mary.
they went to tell their injured family and friends the good news but they still had the job of rebuilding the town they had all rebuilt in 1984.