B.E.S.T - Biggest Ever Secret Team

Josh and Hannah have just 1 hour to save all of Australia’s fun.

Splash Palace Waterpark – 12:00pm

“SHOOT!” Josh yelled, as he and his friends fired on some random kids they’d made friends with at the waterpark. They dived for cover, but one kid got hit. “Gotcha Ben!” Josh teased. Ben came out from hiding with a smirk. “What?” Hannah asked. Ben laughed then yelled “DUC-!” as a water-bomb hit him in the face. Hannah laughed. When Ben heard that he said “Were you aiming at me Thomas?! You hit enemies not team-mates!” Thomas stood there guiltily. They laughed.
Suddenly, Josh noticed strange objects flying in the distance. They were headed directly towards them. He signalled to Ben.
Ben put B.E.S.T into action…

“A man called Dr. Drew is a crazy scientist who is trying to steal fun from kids. He is doing this using auto-controlled UFO’s. Our job is to try and stop him. First up, we need to bring those flying things down” Ben explained seriously, but Josh and Hannah were already set to go. The B.E.S.T team was a secret group of active kids, and luckily a few of them were at the Splash Park today.
They each targeted a UFO and followed it with the satellite tracker hidden in their drink bottle. Josh and Hannah went with Ben to a hidden helicopter nicknamed ‘AuzziBoy’, because the organisation was entirely Australian. They boarded and flew around a hill to find a huge AC-130 plane. AuzziBoy cleverly locked onto the roof of the plane with its special ‘sticky-skis landing function'. Ben got out a device that created a tight airlock around the now joined chopper-plane. He entered the plane and took control by activating auto pilot. Josh heard fighting and when he jumped into the plane, it looked like Ben had already tied Dr. Drew to a pole. “Man, Ben was quick”, thought Josh, but realised that it wasn't Dr. Drew tied to a pole, it was a dummy! Ben was squirming as he was being held tightly against another pole by a robot.
Dr. Drew challenged Josh as he pushed him against a wall but Josh sprung off and dodged a kick. Dr. Drew threw a punch and it hit Josh in the chest. Hannah had been listening above and quietly jumped down into the plane. She snuck up silently behind Dr. Drew and hit him hard over the head with her book. “Girl-power!” Hannah yelled. Dr. Drew was now unconscious. Josh went over to the robot and pulled off a round-house kick that took the robot’s head off. “Bye bye metal man!”
He now had to take down the group of fun-stealing UFOs. The self-destruct button on the control panel was the best option, and he had always wanted to press something like that. He slammed it down with his fist. “Victory!” he yelled.
As Josh watched the explosive display, Ben walked up behind them and said “Josh, Hannah, welcome to B.E.S.T.”