A Better Place

I have to leave soon, it’s time to say goodbye
To the only life I have known,
My eyes are rivers, as I watch my boy cry,
I don’t want to leave him alone.
The journey, an ocean, I’m shaking with fear,
What a terrible sight, it’s War.
I hear the crack of guns as I change the gears,
I wish I was back on the shore.
Like a dark nightmare, the part I was fearing,
All us diggers are here, fighting
The others like hawks, they’re up on that clearing
We can’t rest, there’s been a sighting.
I think of my brave boy, he’s waiting for me,
I only hope he is okay,
We don’t want to do this, we just want to flee,
But for our great country, we stay.
They have me now, there’s no escape I can see.
My mate’s down, I fight on for him,
They keep me in tight, I just want to be free
They shoot me down, piercing my limb
This is it now, my life flashes before me,
I can see my boy’s smiling face,
It is putting me at ease, setting me free ,
Sailing back to a better place.