Lake Creature

Two beady eyes were watching him from underneath the crystal clear surface of Lake Creature. The boy drew closer to the creature’s precious golden harp but that was the boys biggest mistake in his lonely life. The boy grabbed the golden harp and tried to destroy it. The creature was furious how dare the human even think about touching his precious golden harp. Over the years the boys life had been ruined bye the golden harp he had told every one of his adventure with it. It had made him a laughing stock and had ruined his life now he was out for revenge. A wild mare horse came galloping down the road that lead to the lake its chestnut mane flowing in the wind. The mare had almost immediately distracted both the creature and the boy. The boys eyes widened in fear as he laid his eyes on the creature it was hideous red blood shot eyes, a slimy mouldy green colour, webbed feet and hands, saliva dripping from its mouth, rotten yellow teeth and the most awful smell coming from its moth, rotten fish. Without warning the boy dashed to the chestnut mare and swung himself onto its back. The horses eyes widened in fear what was this creature on its back it blindly galloped into the muddy lake the mud sucked the horse in up to its knees the boy and the creature nodded at each other they both agreed on the one thing the horse did not deserve to die they could kill one another later. The creature pushed and the boy pulled the horses tail they heaved with all there might but it was useless the boy ran off a determent look in his eyes. “I should have known” muttered the creature “never trust a human” the creature heaved with all its might but it was useless the mare was now up to its sides in mud the creature felt a weird sinking feeling and looked down its eyes widened in horror it was sinking but how the webbed feet should be keeping it afloat? It looked around in terror and saw a huge yellow thing with the boy controlling it. It’s a crane called the boy the creatures eyes widened in wonder a crane. Without worry the crane lifted the creature and the horse out of the lake with ease without saying a word as the boy turned his back to the creature it silently slipped away into the lake.
The end

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