Excellence In Writing Award in the 'Dream Big 2013' competition

Cross-country is finally here,
It happens once a year.
I'm ready for the races,
As I tighten up my laces.
The starter says on your mark,
Then the gun goes off with a spark.
The field sets a fast pace,
And we all go red in the face.
As I run I feel free,
All the country I see.
As the race nears it's end,
Only a few ahead on the bend.
I make a sprint with all my might,
I know this will be a tough one to fight,
Everyone thinks, "oh this will be a tough one to fight.
As I blink I am finished,
As the others feel diminished.
As I hear a "thats my son,"
I know I have won.
And now I remember,
That day in December.
When Cross-country is finally here.


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